March, 15 2018 in Fabrication Machines
Now is the best time to buy pre-owned CO2 lasers

Fiber lasers are the newest innovation in the metal fabrication industry. With increased...

February, 2 2018 in Fabrication Machines
Asset Auditing - A key element of capacity planning for metal shops

Resource planning tips for an efficiently run fab shop  It’s no secret that preventative...

November, 30 2017 in Fabrication Machines
The Top 5 Benefits of Fiber Lasers

The top 5 benefits of fiber lasers The industry is constantly evolving and metal...

July, 13 2017 in Fabrication Machines
Increasing throughput and accuracy with Fiber Laser

All businesses rely on productivity and efficiency to keep them successful. When it comes...

June, 21 2017 in Fabrication Machines
Proper Leveling of Machines

We often talk about preventative maintenance for your metal fabrication machinery to...

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Providing CAM automation software, RIBS Automation and leading fabrication equipment (including Fiber Lasers) we fulfil a diverse array of metal shop needs. Fabricators from coast to coast have benefited from our expertise and over 400 satisfied customers have earned us the title of "Supplier of Choice".