April, 15 2020 in Fabrication Machines, Productivity, Fiber Lasers, Fiber laser System, CO2
Fiber Lasers - Lower Maintenance, Higher Productivity

We (and everyone else in the metal fabrication industry) have been discussing the...

March, 31 2020 in Fiber laser System, CO2
Switching from CO2 to Fiber Laser Cutting Systems - What You Need to Know

Fiber lasers have been steadily gaining market share in the metal fabrication industry...

February, 26 2020 in Fiber Lasers, Fiber laser System, CO2
Why Fiber Laser Systems are replacing CO2 Lasers in Many Shops

CO2 lasers have long reigned supreme in the metal fabrication industry. That is until...

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Providing CAM automation software, RIBS Automation and leading fabrication equipment (including Fiber Lasers) we fulfil a diverse array of metal shop needs. Fabricators from coast to coast have benefited from our expertise and over 400 satisfied customers have earned us the title of "Supplier of Choice".