January, 16 2024 in
When Should You Upgrade Your Shop?

There’s positive news for the Canadian metal fabrication market even in these difficult...

October, 4 2023 in
Improving Tube Cutting Efficiency with Nesting

Tube cutting has come a long way and Fiber lasers are largely responsible for that. Laser...

September, 18 2023 in Metal Fabrication Technology, Fabrication Business, Productivity, Fiber laser System, Machine Automation, metal shop tips
False Barriers to Upgrade (And How to Overcome Them)

The fabrication industry is fast-moving with increasing pressure to surpass previous...

July, 12 2023 in Fabrication Machines, Metal Fiber Laser Machine, Fiber Lasers, metal shop tips
Maintaining and Caring for your Fiber Laser

The last few years have seen a rapid increase in the adoption of Fiber Lasers....

May, 31 2023 in
High Powered Fiber Laser Advantages

High-powered Fiber Lasers (10kW and higher for the purposes of this article) are making...

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