Now is the best time to buy pre-owned CO2 lasers

Now is the best time to buy pre-owned CO2 lasers

Fiber lasers are the newest innovation in the metal fabrication industry. With increased power, cutting speed, accuracy, and lower operating costs, fabricators are turning to fiber lasers to boost productivity and improve final product. This creates a unique advantage for first-time laser buyers or fabricators looking to get into the industry. It’s never been a better time to buy pre-owned CO2 lasers.

Here are three reasons why now is the best time to buy pre-owned CO2 laser machines:

Find incredible deals on high quality CO2 machines

With so many fabricators upgrading to fiber lasers, pre-owned CO2 lasers are increasingly available on the used market and for more affordable prices. Although demand for pre-owned lasers is still high, attractive deals are available and the choice of models has never been better.

Fabricators looking to add their first laser or just additional capacity can expect to find more selection and machines with lower operating hours.

Get a head start in the metal fabrication industry

The low prices that we’re seeing on pre-owned CO2 lasers are a great way for new fabricators to get into the industry, or increase their shop’s capacity. Every fabricator needs to start somewhere and right now there are great opportunities to get a head start in the industry. For first-time laser machine buyers, CO2 lasers are great machines to get your laser cutting jobs done. Though we’re seeing amazing innovations with fiber lasers, CO2 machines still provide excellent cut quality and reliability to build on for the future.

Buy now, upgrade to fiber laser later

It’s an incredible time to get into laser cutting at a fraction of the cost. Getting started in metal fabrication for the low costs we’re seeing on pre-owned CO2 lasers, means you can jump-start your fabrication business now and set your sights on a successful future.

There’s no limit to the innovations on laser cutting technology, with new improvements coming out every year. By starting now, you can work your way up to new technology faster than ever. Plus, with great lease financing options for machinery, there’s no reason not to get started right away. You may be upgrading to fiber laser sooner than you think!

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