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Enabling your metal shop’s success with experience and technology

Fiber lasers are the newest innovation in the metal fabrication industry. With increased power, cutting speed, accuracy, and lower operating costs, fabricators are turning to fiber lasers to boost productivity and improve final product. This creates a unique advantage for first-time laser buyers or fabricators looking to get into the industry. It’s never been a better time to buy pre-owned CO2 lasers.

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Resource planning tips for an efficiently run fab shop 

capacity-planning.jpgIt’s no secret that preventative maintenance is important for any metal shop.  Regular maintenance helps improve machine life, long-term value, safety and productivity, while also preventing problems and detecting potential issues early on. You know the ROI on regular maintenance is huge: it is time and cost-effective, and can save your business in the long-run.

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The top 5 benefits of fiber lasers

The industry is constantly evolving and metal fabricators need to plan strategically to keep on top of the competition. With continual advances in fiber laser technology, these machines are becoming increasingly acknowledged as a must-have for fabricators looking to increase productivity and grow their business.

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