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Fiber Lasers And CO2

Fiber lasers are all the rage right now and the metal fabrication industry is buzzing over each new innovation. Fabricators are questioning whether they should ditch their CO2 machines. The question on everyone’s mind is: how do fiber lasers compare with CO2 and should you make the switch?

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How well do fiber lasers perform when cutting thicker metal sheets?

As the metal fabrication industry evolves, fabricators are looking to advances in machinery to help them grow their businesses. Fiber lasers have been some of the fastest progressing equipment in the industry and continue to exceed expectations as manufacturers bring out innovation after innovation. Fiber lasers’ most impressive claim to fame is their reputation for cutting thin material with incredible speed and accuracy. Not to mention the ability to cut reflective materials better than any other technology, and of course, a lower operating cost than CO2 lasers prompting cheers for productivity across the board. But when it comes to thicker materials, can fiber lasers make the cut?

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Your metal fabrication business depends on a productive team and your machines running properly when you need them to. You never want to start an order only to find out one of your machines has an issue, causing you to spend unplanned time and money fixing it and potentially compromising the quality of your product. That is where preventative maintenance comes in – on a daily basis.
We have talked about the benefits of preventative maintenance before, with upsides including preventing unplanned breakdowns, increased productivity, and saving your bottom line in the future. You may have a longer-term preventative maintenance schedule, like annual oil changes for machines, for instance. But are your operators performing daily maintenance on your equipment?

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